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Guide to buying a Home

Guide to Buying a House

  1. Homeownership – Are you ready? Whether you are purchasing for your first time, or you are a repeat buyer, buying a home can be a financial and emotional decision that requires the expertise and guidance of trained professionals.
  2. Local, Professional Advice – In the maze of financing forms, inspections, pricing, and negotiation, it makes sense to work with professionals who know the local community and more.
  3. Get a mortgage pre-approval – It is important to find out how much you are able to afford before you begin your home search.
  4. Look at homes – Working with a local Vincent’s Realty realtor and educating yourself on the local market will help you focus in on your priorities and make informed purchasing decisions.
  5. Choose a home – Finding a home that meets your needs and priorities is important. Your home is your castle.
  6. Make an offer – A proposal to purchase a home includes price and terms.
  7. Get insurance – Car owners know the importance of car insurance. The same principals apply to home insurance as well. Home insurance protects owners in the event of catastrophe.
  8. Closing – The closing process is becoming increasingly more computerized and automated. Closings bring together a variety of parties who play a role in the real estate transaction.