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Florida Dump Truck Insurance

Gould has competitive markets in the field of commercial auto including Florida Dump Truck Insurance.

Like any type of vehicle used for business, owners of Dump Trucks are required to have liability insurance before taking to the roads. Dump trucks are classified as Heavy Commercial Vehicles and commercial auto and liability insurance is required in order to drive one. Coverage in this line of business is particularly important as mishaps can lead to extensive damages. In many cases an incident involving dump trucks can be deadly. In fact, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports one dump truck related death every week.

With new competitive markets in the line of Dump Truck Insurance, be sure to contact Gould today for all of your Florida Dump Truck Insurance needs.



Gould partners with Berkshire Hathaway

Our sister company V.W. Gould Agency, Inc. has recently partnered with Berkshire Hathaway for their entrance into the Florida Commercial Auto Insurance Market.

DUMP TRUCKBerkshire is one of the worlds largest and most admired companies. With a record of stability and an eye toward the future you can be sure that with Gould and Berkshire you are a competitive product at an affordable price.

Gould is proud to add Berkshire Hathaway to our growing repertoire of A-rated insurance providers.

What products does Berkshire offer?

The products offered by Berkshire include a versatile list of mono line commercial auto products that target everything from long haul trucks, public auto, and may other classes such as non emergency vehicles, charter buses and tow trucks.

Some of the products Berkshire offers includes:

Gould prides itself in fast quoting and superior customer service. If you are in the market for a commercial auto insurance product,call us today at (386) 734 3970.